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How to install Android Q Beta in Realme 3 Pro

Google unveiled Android Q Beta 3 on the Google I / O yesterday and made the beta version available to 23 other devices. Among the flagship smartphones, Realme 3 Pro also received the initial version of Android Q. It is very exciting to have a budget device on the list and this inclusion significantly paves […]

What to do with an old smartphone

Do not you know what to do with that drawer of old, dusty smartphones? Do the planet a favor and do not discard them. Put them to good use if you do not plan to sell them! Use your smartphone as an alarm clock If your old smartphone does not have enough RAM to handle […]

How to make phone calls with your smart speaker

Smart speakers and smart screens help us save time every day with their intelligent functionality. But did you know that you can also use them to make calls and video calls? Discover how in our dedicated guide. Call with Google Smart Speakers: what you need To make calls with your Google smart speaker, you must […]

How to use a nano SIM card in any phone

The small is not always beautiful when it comes to SIM cards: with three different SIM sizes, it is very possible that the SIM of your current phone does not fit the next. If you have ever wondered how to use a nano SIM in a micro-SIM slot, we have the answers. Here’s how to […]

How to find your lost or stolen phone

How to find your lost or stolen phone

Have you ever left your phone somewhere and just could not find it again? There are quite a few ways in which you can locate lost or stolen smartphones. If you can locate the phone remotely, you can make life difficult for thieves who want to access your data. Here, we give you some tips […]

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