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How to speed up Windows 10 in 2019

Windows represents the largest market share in the desktop operating system segment. Recently, Windows 10 overtook Windows 7 and became the most popular desktop operating system in the world. However, despite its popularity, old Windows problems remain there and users are always cautious if the next update spoils the performance. Currently, Windows 10 is quite fast and, frankly, it is much better than its previous versions of Windows. However, on older PCs, the performance is mediocre. Also, if you use many applications on your Windows 10 computer, it is likely that your computer is likely to be delayed. So, in this article, we bring some tricks that can greatly speed up Windows 10. So, if you’re interested in making your Windows 10 PC faster, here’s how you can accelerate Windows 10 in 2019.

In this article, I will guide you through some general tasks that you should know as a Windows user if you want your PC to work with optimal performance. After that, I’ll share some advanced steps to speed up your Windows 10 PC. Now, without wasting time, let’s start with some basic things first.

1. Disable Startup Programs

Start programs are basically applications that start running the moment you turn on your PC. Even if you have not opened it manually, these programs run in the background and sit in the system tray. These applications consume computer resources in the background and significantly slow down Windows. The biggest problem with this startup program is that they make your Windows 10 PC slow to boot since there are two applications that are left with the resources of your PC. To prevent these programs from running automatically when the computer starts, follow these steps.

1. Right-click on the taskbar and open the Task Manager.
2. Switch to the “Start” tab and check for unnecessary applications with greater impact on the system. You can do it by clicking on the “Start impact” tag. Next, right click on the applications and click “Deactivate.” Do this for every unnecessary application. This will speed up Windows 10 every time you turn on your PC.

Note: Over time, with the installation of new programs, new applications are added to this list. So keep checking the startup program tab periodically and disable unnecessary applications immediately.

2. Disable Background Apps

Background applications are Windows applications that run in the background to receive notifications and updates. While messaging and email applications may require background synchronization, applications like Candy Crush and Calculator do not need it at all. These applications run constantly in the background and make the computer slow, in addition to exhausting the battery. Then, to accelerate Windows 10, first, disable background applications. Here is how to do it.

1. Open the Windows configuration and click on “Privacy”.
2. Here, scroll down and open the “Background Apps” tab in the left panel. At the top, disable “Let applications run in the background” completely. If you want to customize the settings by application, you can do it too.

3. Disable Cortana

If you use Cortana regularly, you can skip this section. However, if you do not use Cortana and want to limit your search to only PC, then it is best to disable it immediately. This will save you a lot of computing resources since Cortana keeps the memory and important resources in the background. Follow these steps to disable Cortana and significantly accelerate Windows 10.

1. We have created two log files that can enable or disable Cortana in one click.
2. After that, double click on “Disable Cortana” and click on “Run”. That’s. Now restart your computer and Cortana will be gone.
3. In case you want to return to Cortana, simply double click on “Enable Cortana” and let it run. Also, restart your PC and Cortana will be enabled.

Note: Microsoft continues to add Cortana again after each Windows update. So you’ll have to run the same registry files to disable it again.

4. Uninstall Multiple Antivirus Programs

It is a bad idea to install several antivirus programs to protect your PC. Antivirus verifies the integrity of the file in the background, which in turn consumes the use of the disk. Having multiple antiviruses will slow down your computer. In fact, the installation of antivirus in Windows 10 is completely avoidable, as it comes with Windows Defender pre-installed. And, frankly, it’s pretty good and reliable. In case your PC is attacked by a malicious virus and Windows Defender cannot remove it, we recommend that you install Malwarebytes to clean your PC. Malwarebytes will accelerate Windows 10 and will also eliminate viruses.

5. Disable Windows Update

Asking users to disable Windows Update is not good advice as there may be security implications. However, Windows is really terrible at handling updates and makes the PC slow down completely. For example, if you are running an old PC with low power specifications, you do not want to install feature updates. However, Microsoft pushes all users of Windows updates. In addition, Windows keeps downloading and transferring large files in the background, which significantly slows down your PC.

Therefore, it is better to disable the update and activate it, only when you want to update your Windows 10 machine. It will download your PC from unnecessary background processes and will notably speed up Windows 10. Therefore, to disable the Windows update, follow these Steps.

1. Press Windows and the R key at the same time on your keyboard. A small window will appear in the lower left corner. Type services.MSc and hit enter.
2. The Services window will open. Here, scroll down and look for “Windows Update.” Right click on it and open “Properties.”
3. Here, click on the “Stop” button and then change the Start Type to “Off”. Finally, click on the “Accept” button.

Note: Although the previous steps are good for stopping the current cycle of the Windows update, it is reactivated after a while. To completely disable the Windows update, you must block it through the firewall.

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