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Now you can do Corona test at home, know how?

Corona test can now be done at home: ICMR approves kit for rapid antigen test, report will be available through mobile app

The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) took a major decision on corona testing on Wednesday. The ICMR has approved a rapid antigen test kit for corona testing at home. With this kit people will be able to check for infection by taking a sample through the nose. A new advisory has also been issued for its use.

The test can be done in this way

People will have to take a nasal swab through this kit.
People doing home testing will have to take a photo of the strip. This photo has to be taken from the phone on which the mobile app has been downloaded.
Mobile phone data will be stored directly on ICMR’s testing portal.
Those who report positive with this test will be considered infected, they will not need any other test.
Those who are positive will have to follow the guidelines of the ICMR and the Ministry of Health regarding isolation.
Patients with symptoms that have a negative result will have to undergo an RT-PCR test.
All repeat antigen negative symptomatic people will be considered suspected covid case.
Such people will have to stay in home isolation until the RT-PCR test report is received.
The patient’s privacy will remain the same throughout this process.
The name of the kit is Koviself
My Lab Discovery Solutions Limited, a Pune based company, has been authorized for home isolation testing kits. The name of the testing kit is COVISELF (Pathocatch).
The Pune-based company was authorized

ICMR, the country’s leading medical research institute, has now issued a new advisory on corona testing. According to the new advisory, people will now be able to investigate Corona at home. A test kit for rapid antigen testing has received ICMR approval. With this kit, people can take samples of Corona through the nose at home. LAB DISCOVERY SOLUTION LTD Pune based company has been authorized for Home Isolation Testing Kit. The name of this kit is COVISELF (Pathocatch).

Find out how much and when to get the kit?
Hasmukh Rawal, MD, Mileb Discovery Solutions, said the test kit would be available in a week. It has taken us 5 months to prepare this product. It is priced at Rs 250 per kit. This also includes taxes.

The mobile app has to be downloaded from the Apple Store

The advisory states that home testing is for symptomatic patients only. Also those who have been in direct contact with the conform case in the lab. The home testing will be done in the manual manner prescribed by the company. For home testing, you have to download the mobile app from Google Play Store and Apple Store. Positive and negative reports will be available through the mobile app.
Who can check

Following the approval, the ICMR has issued an advisory on the investigation, saying that those who are experiencing symptoms and are currently exposed to the infection should be tested. The ICMR also said that an inquiry cannot be advised without a reason.

The report can be obtained from this system

Those who will do home testing will have to take a test strip photo and take a picture from the phone which is an app download in mobile. Data on mobile phones will be stored directly on ICMR’s testing portal. The patient’s privacy will remain the same. Those whose report is positive through this test will be considered positive. They do not need any other test.

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