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The trick is to keep the lightbill low

Is the electricity bill higher every month? The sender of the electricity bill may not have the answer to this question. That’s why you can plan to reduce your electricity bill yourself. Today we will tell you 4 ways that can help you reduce the bill. So if you work this way, you will start getting results from the first day. So let’s know these four ways.

1. Replace the old bulb with LED.
Old Glop and CFL use a lot of electricity. Instead, if the LED bulb is replaced, your electricity bill will be reduced. You will also get double the amount of light. If we talk about statistics, a 10 watt bulb uses one unit of electricity in 10 hours while a 15 watt CFL uses one unit of electricity in 66.5 hours. While a 9-watt LED bulb uses one unit in 111 hours.

2. Pay attention to ratings when buying electronic goods
Take special care when buying electronic goods like fridge, AC etc. We should always try to buy goods with a 5 star rating. These items cost a bit more. But the electricity bill is very low.

3. Turn off all electronic items when the work is done
From time to time we go out of the house without turning off the lights, fans or any other electric thing. Which is harmful. Electric items should be turned off when they are not working to avoid high electricity bills. This will allow you to save electricity and lower your electricity bill. This is the best way to reduce your electricity bill.

4. Keep the AC at a temperature of 24 degrees
The AC should always be operated at a temperature of 24 degrees. This is an ideal temperature. Thousands of people use this technique to lower their electricity bills. This will also keep the room cool and reduce the bill. You can also use a timer. Installing a timer will automatically turn off the AC once the room has cooled down. Doing so can greatly reduce your electricity bill.

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