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Update Windows 10 2019: 5 new features you should know

It is known that Microsoft serves its users with two important Windows 10 updates every year. The first major update, which has been testing under the code name ’19H1′ for months, was officially called the Windows Update 10 May 2019, which will begin to be implemented by the end of May.

The Windows 10 update of May 2019 may be the first major update in 2019, but it does not bring with it a ton of significant changes. Microsoft has made a number of improvements and has also added some new features. Therefore, if you have not been up to date with the latest in Windows 10, here are 5 new features that are being debuted with the Windows Update May 10, 2019:

5 New Features in Windows 10 2019 Update

1. Theme of light

One of the most important changes faced by users in the Windows 10 update of May 2019 is the “Light” theme, recently introduced, which is the exact opposite of what most users want. However, there seems to be a decent number of users of light themes, which Microsoft is happy with a cleaner and smoother interface.

I have not really used the theme of light on my Windows 10 PC, but in the brief period by which I changed it, I realized that Microsoft has done a pretty decent job. It looks good with everything from the taskbar, the start menu, the Action Center, the Configuration and other elements of the user interface that turn white, of course, with some translucency.

I still prefer the dark theme, to be honest, either from my Windows 10 user interface to all the applications that I have on my phone. If they have a dark mode, I move the switch instantly.

2. Cortana & Separate Search

The Windows 10 update of May 2019 sees Cortana and the search experience in part, which can be sad for some. When you have not activated the small icons mode, you will now see that the taskbar hosts the search box and the Cortana icon separately. This means that you can now simply tap the search box and look around your Windows 10 PC with Microsoft’s voice assistant without interfering with your experience.

Cortana’s main search and experiences remain intact in this update. Touching the search bar now shows your best applications and recent activities, while the Cortana icon simply shows a voice-driven experience. He can no longer write his queries to Cortana, which is a great loss for users who prefer the same.

Microsoft has not changed much in this department, except for the division of the two features, but I hope to see important changes here in the next update.

3. Simplified Windows Update

This is the only feature that users will surely adore in this update. Microsoft is finally solving the biggest problem with Windows 10 updates, recognizing all user complaints. It will no longer force new updates, restarting the PC from scratch, but you will have to click on the setup button in Settings to activate the update.

Your Windows 10 PC will inform you that a new update is available, but it is up to you to choose whether you want to download it and install it or not. However, the update will be forced when the support for the version you are running runs out in eighteen months. This is an important step to simplify Windows 10 updates and return control to the hands of users.

4. Configuration of the user interface

In addition to the Light theme, this important Windows 10 update also introduces some minor changes to the Configuration interface. Microsoft has only improved and organized. The configuration page will now begin to show the status of the Microsoft account, OneDrive, updates and also a rewards option. If you link a smartphone to your Windows 10 PC, this new top banner will also show the status “Your phone”.

Microsoft is slowly removing the functions from the legacy control panel and adding them to the Configuration. This includes cursor and pointer options, cleaner logon options lists and a host of new accessibility options, along with improvements to the Fluent design.

5. Sandbox

While Home users will not be able to test the new Sandbox feature in the Windows Update on May 10, 2019, this feature will be welcomed with open arms by Pro and Enterprise users. Sandbox is a function for advanced users, as well as for privacy enthusiasts who are cautious of what they download from the Internet.

Windows Sandbox allows you to run .exe programs, of which you are not sure if they are safe or not, to run in a virtual machine, isolated from your actual operating system. In this way, you can test the programs and verify their security (avoiding malware or ransomware) without impeding your original Windows 10 experience. If they happen to be safe, then you can go ahead and install the program in your actual operating system without any fear.

The update of Windows 10 2019 brings not only many but several improvements and impressive improvements, which will improve the experience for more than 800 million users. Would you like to try out these new features in the next update of Windows 10 May 2019? Let us know your opinions below.

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